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10 Yetis is a full service public relations agency based in the heart of the south west of the United Kingdom. Whether you are looking for a viral marketing campaign with a twist or straight forward PR we can help get people talking about your brand and business both online and offline.

Our clients come to us from across the UK and around the world, from London to Inverness and Poland to Fiji. We have become famous for our innovative and eye catching public relations and viral marketing work that has consistently featured in some of the world’s biggest and best global media.

The following testimonials will give you an idea of who we work with, what we have achieved and how we can help your business; from putting it on the map, raising the profile even further or increasing product or service sales through our campaigns… we can help.

"A lot of people speak highly of 10 Yetis. However be warned. Because of these people I have had numerous calls from journalists over the last two days. I've taken part in various live radio interviews for the BBC and LBC, appeared in the press and needled a global brand on air, and now I've been asked to appear in a film! All this because of 10 Yetis. If you want a quiet life go elsewhere – if you want maximum exposure and have fun along the way then use 10 Yetis." David Croissant, The Shoppers Bible

"Even before 10 Yetis got KashFlow in the Telegraph and Financial Times I knew I had made the right decision as they understand better than anyone the need for a good return on investment from public relations activity." Duane Jackson, Kashflow

"I am supposed to be working. I can't. I am addicted. I am addicted to a new game devised for our company, Tribewanted, by 10 Yetis. And so were 1000's of other supposed-to-be-working individuals from across the world who e-mail Tribewanted HQ to let us know their scores. This game directly led to an increase in profile, interest and customers of Tribewanted. 10 Yetis did it again. Give them a call!" Mark James Bowness, Co founder of Tribewanted

"I cannot think of any reason why you should not use 10 Yetis for your next Viral Marketing campaign." Glenn Watson, Inzvestor Business Consultants

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