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Is Your Website Looking Good?

Microsoft is launching their new Internet Explorer (IE) 7 web browser later this year. Until now IE has had market domination with approx 75% of the worlds Internet surfers using It's browser. IE for a long time has not always rendered web sites incorrectly with internet guidelines but in the IE7 release these problems will be fixed, so what's the problem?

The Problem:

The trouble has been that IE does not render (render=layout) the page correctly and never has but because designers have always made sites work perfectly they have made concessions to make the coding work in Internet explorer above any other browser. All it takes is a little more time to make web sites compatible in all browsers.

On the whole web designers have made sure their sites work in IE and have not really bothered with the other less popular browsers. The pretence has always been 'everybody uses IE so it's tough if it doesn't work on other browsers'.

If IE is now fixed then those concessions will make the page now render incorrectly and thus the website may not look right! All the money you have spent on your website will be wasted if the website looks bad and turns away customers!


A simple test can be performed to check if your site is currently cross compatible. If it is cross compitable, then it is unlikely it will be affected by any future rendering changes in IE. Bill Gates from Microsoft says that IE7 will be available 'late summer' so time may be short! If your website is not compatible then we will offer advice as to what you can do to get it fixed.

Creospace will perform this check for you for absolutely free and in addition you we will provide some information regarding the effectivenes of your website. You can then if you wish order a more detailed report regarding your website normally costing £50 for only £25 which will give you an insight into such things as whether your site is turning customers away. The report covers: colour schemes, navigation, layout, ease of use, download times, areas that need attention and also gives details of search results and input as to how the site could be changed to improve results, having this additional report is of course not obligitory.

There is no further obligation to use Creospace but if you do then you can be assured of a great service and competitive rates. We just like to help keep the internet looking good!

To get your free test and report simply click here to enter your contact details, email address (to return the report) and the address of your website. Thank you .

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