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We offer a broad range of internet and non-internet-based products. Select from below:

Website design
Does your company deserve a seriously stylish web presence? It's the 24-hour face of your company. So invest in your website - make an impact on those potential customers, and watch your traffic boom.

Creospace consultants can create an individual website that captures your business's aims and image on the internet. Don't leave it to chance.

As an added attraction, all our sites now include creoportal control files to save costs yet improve functionality.

Online Data Management
We build complex online data management systems - from simple contact management to full national or indeed international job management systems. It's a bespoke service.

In short, whatever your current database does, we can put it online.

Why put your data online?
  • It's accessible: If you're ever away from the physical source of your database, the problem becomes obvious. Using the internet to host your database means you and your staff can access vital information anywhere - at any time.
  • It's convenient: Data can be manipulated or populated into end documents in PDF or RTF formats so you can send letters, invoices and other documents with ease.
  • It's safe: With 128bit encryption, it's virtually impossible to hack into your online database, and the data is stored in secure, managed data centres, which are backed up on a daily basis. Advanced security, fire suppression, climate control and power protection equipment provides the ideal operating environment for servers and network equipment.
Website Content
If you're commissioning a swish new website, don't put it at risk by filling it with substandard content. Consider investing in some professional copy - text designed to lure in your potential customers and hit them where their wallets are.

Creospace works with professional copywriter Anna Hollisey to produce a site that meets every expectation. More about Anna's work

Brand Identity Design
Whether you're a small start-up company or a large business, your corporate identity is important. It appears in all kinds of places, carrying your message to viewers and readers. It speaks volumes about you and the way you work.

We can work with you to design or enhance your business identity. From an initial discussion, we will assess your needs and clearly define your objectives. Next we'll write a proposal with initial ideas, and from this we will recommend our approach and a budget to achieve your objectives in the most cost-effective way. Once we have agreed the way forward, we will put together the final work.

Through regular contact and evaluations we will ensure that together we deliver the results you need - and keep you constantly at the forefront of your industry, sector or marketplace.

We can also compile power point presentations using your new corporate identity within the background so you can show your potential new clients your new colours with pride.

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