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About Us

There are thousands of web sites each with their own design and unique message, and hundreds of companies willing and eager to take lots of your budget in exchange for a something that doesn't do what you want.

Creospace is different, we understand your solution doesn't need to sing and dance (ok maybe sing). We know you may not be a multi-national company or organisation with clients in every country, let alone every county. We feel the time has come for someone to get real and offer a level of service with realistic affordable prices, with no jargon and with an overall desire to please our customers.

Our business model is unique in the fact it has successfully harmonised the 2 existing models of templated systems and bespoke design. Until now these models have remained separated and whilst some companies offer both models individually none have merged the 2 to form a hybrid model that works. Our unique creoportal system allows us to develop a bespoke front end but it is driven by already tested and pre configured control files. This enables you to benefit from a unique website but save money on its construction.

We take pride in every piece of work we do, we won't leave you in the dark and will take your ideas on scraps of paper and turn them into a web site, a identity or database solution. If your not happy then neither are we! y coding of sites is now written to a strict standard set by the authority which governs standards of the web, the w3c. Writing pages to standard ensures a consistent look across browsers and so pages function as they are intended. This is considered a sign of professionalism and quality development, non-sloppy writing, and that the developer actually cares about what he/she is doing.

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We have high morals and believe in up most good faith from both us to you and vice versa. We DO NOT undertake work from companies or organisations that advocate or encourage expressions of violence, bigotry, racism, hatred, profanity or any illegal activities. Likewise we will not undertake any work which is deemed to be defamatory, infringing, obscene, or contains other unlawful material or information.

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