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'Creocaster' is primarily built for the press industry to fill the gap for small to medium sized publications where having a full scale online operation is cost prohibitive. 'Creocaster' has an easily navigated front end for your views to use and a easy to use administration back end for you to use. Articles can be easily copied and pasted into the back end rich text article editor that operates similar to MS Word.

The basic principal is to offer a interactive news site that costs the same as a normal static website giving you a professional edge over competitors and get your local or specialised national news available to new markets. Not only current readers who surf the net and like to read information online but other Internet users who only read articles online. Also you will be making your news available to millions of Internet users worldwide!

Additional components unique to your publication can be added such as classifieds and accommodation listings etc. These can be inputted front end by visitors and then approved by yourself saving you the effort of typing them in yourself. Creocaster can also handle images too if you so desire.

Articles displayed are always from the current issue and all other articles are automatically archived for easy retrieval using a powerful yet easy to use search facility.

Creocaster uses creoportal programming making it fast and powerful. This also makes it easy for us to adapt and personilise the control files to meet your exact requirements.

View 'Sheringham Independent Online' a customers Creocaster site.