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Having always wanted to be a graphic designer from a young age, Gary Dickenson having tried various career paths now runs the successful design agency, Creospace.

Q: So how did it all start?
A: "I simply purchased a magazine that said 'Put your music online'. I carefully followed the 10 stage guide to putting a digital music file on the internet with great success, one thing led to another and after a few months I had my first full website " he continues with a smile to say "looking back of course this site was a design atrocity but it was a start, and a launch pad to get going. I then designed a site for my church in Derby, which allowed me to develop the key skills required to offer web design in a professional capacity"

Q: When did you become full time?
A: "In the begining this work was sporadic and at best was just a part time hobby that paid some bills. Full time I was working as an IT trainer in the construction industry. I was training people to use a bespoke piece of reporting and scheduling software 100% based on the Internet. Training builders was an interesting challenge indeed. There seemed to be 2 types, ones who were a whiz with a computer and those who had never switched one on before, these traditionally used a cigarette packet as their computer! "

It was time to go solo, with clients now providing enough work to justify going alone full time I made the jump, 'give up the day job' and has since I never looked back. So 'Creospace' was born, the name is made up from 2 words, 'creo' which is a Latin word meaning 'to create' or be creative and 'space' because we need a space to be creative in.

Q: Why start Creospace?
A: Other than wanting to be creative another reason for starting was that I was shocked at the prices that some people were charging for web sites, it was nothing more than a rip off and the finished site was nothing more than bland and lacking any creative input or design. I knew I could offer a better service, cheaper prices and offer a far better design as well. Having said that, people have to realise that this isn't 'a walk in the breeze' stuff, designing a high quality site doesn't happen in a couple of hours and so can be expensive. There are many people out there using inferior design programs and calling them selves 'web designers' but a distinction has to be made between someone with a creative flair and computer programming know how as apposed to someone who uses a piece of readily available software to knock out websites, don't get me wrong these are great for the hobbyist but not the professional"

Q: How has the business developed?
A: As time went on clients became more and more demanding and they needed content that they can change themselves thus making their sites interactive. I had to find someone to help me and I quickly found 'Phil' who had all he skills needed to expand Creospace to be more accommodating to these increasingly common demands. We started to develop the 'Creoportal' content management system, the same system that powers the Sheringham Independents very own website. Phil says "Content management is king these days. We needed a system that was quick, efficient and yet flexible enough to make it user friendly, Creoportal was the end result and we're still working to make it even better"

Q: So what now?
A: Well we continue to work on a variety of projects and clients and no job is too big or too small. We are happy to offer free advice on anything to do with websites and we hope continue to grow from strength to strength.

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