Please don't hire us...

Maybe it sounds a bit strange to tell you 'not to hire us' but it's with good reason.

We're passionate about online marketing and we're passionate about success, that is the success of your business, and ours of course. We’re passionate about delivering a solution that takes you not only from a to b but right up to z.

It doesn't matter how big or small you are or what type of business or organisation you're from. We give every project the same passion and the same will to succeed, but what about you?

How passionate are you about the success of your business? How seriously do you take the need for online marketing?

If you've read this far and not clicked away then we're pretty sure you're passionate and successful, at least you have the desire to be. You are the kind of person we want to work with.

Still not sure? Here's a little check list we prepared.

So, don't hire us...
bulletpoint starIf you're telepathic and prefer that means of communication over email, phone, face to face etc. We don't read minds, sorry.
bulletpoint starIf you need it yesterday (due to no planning) and you're looking for the cheapest quote. Buy cheap and you'll pay dearly we say.
bulletpoint starIf you don't enjoy new, innovative ideas that will captivate your customers and potential customers and make them happy and spend their money with you.
bulletpoint starIf you have to have things done the way you've always done them, although actually it hasn't made any improvements to your business.
bulletpoint starIf your logo has to be red because your boss's favourite colour is red, then probably we're going to clash with your boss. And who wants that?
bulletpoint starIf your organisation doesn't want to interact and let us get to know your business and your customers, you should probably hire someone else.
bulletpoint starIf you just want someone design your logo or website and then disappear, that's not really what we do. We're in it for the long term.
bulletpoint starIf you're looking for a web design company that magically comes up with several incredibly different ideas and says, "Pick one." Then our approach and creative methods probably aren't going to work for you.
bulletpoint starIf you believe that internet marketing is "just a passing phase" or "only for the younger generation", let us show you otherwise. If you still don't agree, we'll leave you alone, promise.
bulletpoint starIf the cheapest and fastest is more important than the most appropriate, cost-effective and well designed creative solution, then your search has led you down the wrong path. Try searching for "cheap logos and 24hr websites".

You deserve the quality we can deliver. Find out more and let's do coffee »

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