Got a gorgeous new website or brochure? Don't stuff it with word-filler - commission some stylish new copy. Copywriting puts the substance into design, turning wowed visitors into loyal buyers. Wondering how to present your offer on-screen? Good copy reaches out to your customers' inner fears and hopes - making your product or service an irresistible proposition.

Meet Anna

The award-winning Creospace wordsmith can spot a misplaced apostrophe at 100 paces. When she's not browsing through Fowler's English Usage, Anna is writing copy for business and retail websites and brochures. With a marketing background, Anna specialises in natural, engaging copy that helps achieve your sales objectives. She's worked with Creospace on websites for Aegean Yachting School, Fluke Productions, objectiveHR, Intelligas and our own websites. Last year she was awarded ‘Freelancer of the Year - Editorial' for her work on a catalogue for jewellery retailer Bees, which instantly boosted sales by 25%!

Get it done

You're investing in good design. Powerful copy seals the deal. Just ask us for a competitive quote on:

  • Brochures - including catalogues and other company literature.
  • Mailshots - short, sweet flyers that get the job done.
  • Websites - from Home to About, there's a lot of information to include here. Make it irresistible.
  • Press releases, features, annual reports, customer letters, emails, training manuals, and newsletters - anything that needs to be ravishingly readable!

What people say

"What a wow factor you bring to things... thank you for all your work."
A.Bell, Bakker Spalding

"The catalogue has increased sales by 25% in 8 weeks, Anna... it's all about the copy!"
J.Raniga, Bees

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