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The power of a good photograph to catch a readers attention is very understated and often pushed aside, the more dramatic and eye-catching the better in most cases.

Location and product photography on a website need to do the same thing. You want to catch the 'surfers' attention. The more professional the photography and design then a more considered approach overall is inferred, an attention to detail and a high level of professionalism throughout the company or service.

Every product ,however seemingly mundane, can be made to 'sparkle' the more mundane the more it needs help , a shot on a creased white bed sheet isn't going to impress anyone..

Memorable photography gives you a memorable website!

Our nominated photographer has worked freelance as a photographer for 14 years for national newspapers and magazines. He was originally given a break whilst working in the darkroom (remember those?) at The Independent. Since then he has dealt with most types of press and magazine photography , portraits,interiors , restaurants, product shots , fashion and even news at a push.


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