When you search for a term related to your business in Google, where is your company typically listed?
(a) In the top ten results
(b) On page 3 of the results
(c) No idea - you fell asleep before you found it.

If you answered (b) or (c), then you need Creospace's SEO service to get on top of your market. Search engine placement is one of the plainest indications of your business's success. The higher your listing, the more clicks you'll be receiving, and the more sales you'll make. We're down to brass tacks here. So how can Creospace help? First, here comes the science.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving your website's 'natural' search engine results. By using a few tricks of the trade, increasing the number of links pointing to your site, and integrating keywords into the text, we can improve your search engine ranking. (The position that your site appears on the page when a relevant search is carried out.)

There are a number of stages involved in SEO. First we will consider what people search for, before using that knowledge to make improvements to your site's coding, presentation, and structure, as well as fixing problems that could prevent search engines from listing a site. SEO activities may also include:

> Adding unique content to a site
> Ensuring that content is easily indexed by search engines
> Sussing out why users are visiting and making the site more appealing to them.

Real results for real websites

It's impossible to guarantee top rankings for every website, because every site is operating with different levels of competition. If your main threat is Amazon, no SEO expert can get you to the top (whatever they tell you). However, with carefully-chosen words and the right technical approach, it's certainly possible to get your site bumped up the search rankings. For example, Red Kiwi, launched last year, now has 3 results in the top 5 for "Buffet Colchester" on Google. The Creospace-designed Aegean Sailing School website is sitting at nos 1 and 2 on the first page for "sailing Aegean". Here are those results in detail:

Client: Comspec computers (
Business: Computer repairs and advice services in Antrim NI
Search term: 'computer advice antrim' - No 1
Search term: 'computer repairs antrim' - 1st page
Search term: 'computer help Antrim' - 1st page

Client: Aegean Sailing School (
Business: Sailing courses on the Aegean sea Greece
Search term: 'sailing aegean ' - No 1 & No2
Search term: 'rya sailing greece' - No1
Search term: 'rya greece' - No2

SEO Packages from Creospace

New Site with Built-in SEO: This option is for those looking for a new site with better search engine placement. It's an integrated approach, blending stylish new design with keywords and behind-the-scenes work. When your new site goes live, it will naturally take a while until you see the improved results.

Optimisation for Websites: If you're not looking for a website redesign but your current site just isn't doing it for you on the search engines, we can help. By tweaking a little behind the scenes, and suggesting keywords for relevant pages, we can help to boost your rankings - no sweat.

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