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Creoagency has been developed for the primary application of Estate Agents. This full online administration package fills the gap for the small to medium estate agent that wants a bespoke application but without large start up costs or being tied to a system with large maintenance/subscription costs.

The Creoagency software can be built on 2 levels depending on your budget. Firstly there is the basic property/vendor only level which allows you to manage your website front end by adding and administrating properties using the easy to use backend control panel. Then above that we bespoke build a full estate agent buyer/sales process administration system all based online. This means there are no additional costs of licensing etc as only entry via the Internet is required! We can of course update your system as and when your business requires it. One additional benefit of having your administration/database online is that it is stored off site and should the worse happen you can of course access your site from any internet ready computer!

We utilise the creoportal technology take your existing website or if we are starting from scratch we take your corporate colour scheme and wrap it around our programming to give you a fully independent bespoke website for your potential buyers to browse at their leisure and you know it's 100% up to date!

Because our control panel is so easy to use no programming skills are required just basic knowledge of using a computer and the Internet. We can bespoke access levels allowing you to delegate differing tasks to different users.

In addition we can add additional modules that maybe unique to your business or indeed tailor the software for a bespoke application such as a commercial property business, a property rental business or property maintenance business etc.

We can also tailor your website to talk to other sites that use the xml (RSS) feed system to collect data about your properties for sale to display on their sites.

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