Training Solutions

There are literally hundreds of companies ready to sell you training so why is a design company also striving to also offer the same service?

Creospace specialise in bespoke training, that is where there is no training manual or program we can write one and then train your staff or customers. With plenty of onsite and office training experience you can trust in us at all times.

We can even work under brand image if this is what you require to maintain the appearance that you are providing the training solution.
Creospace is a computer training company which believes that learning should be fun. This arm was established to combine technical expertise and excellent training skills with an enjoyable learning environment.

Our business is that of empowering people to reach their full potential in their work.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality bespoke training solutions in the UK, creating standards which others will follow.
To this end we will actively develop new training approaches, and other ways to help people learn, to enable all students to overcome easily any obstacles and be able to learn quickly and enjoyably.

So if you have a training need of any sort we can provide the solution!