'I just wanted to say I'm now the proud owner of a software package that does what I want it to do!!

Thanks to Creospace, one of my new years resolutions (to be more organised) is coming true.

I'd never have thought of getting a personalised system built before as I didn't know it could be done for companies on a budget such as ours. I'd really recommend you chat to Creospace if you need a CRM programme of any sort - amongst other things, mine reminds me when enquirers haven't responded, paid deposits, confirmed numbers, etc. It also reminds me when to send quotes, invoices, thank you letters, etc The different menu prices and service levels come up automatically on the invoices and there's no more cutting and pasting between different systems! It's brilliant! Oh, and it shows me when to stop taking bookings for a particular date as we're full.

Excellent Gary - cheers! I'll carry on playing with it tonight and tomorrow and let you know if it's completely fool proof! '

Buffets to suit

After some years and in particular now on completion of our latest project (our members area) I thought it was high time for me to put pen to paper to express our gratitude to you.

It has now been over 3 years that Creospace has effectively been our IT department, from your initial work with us on our web sites, to the design, build and implementation of our bespoke database, your expertise, experience and professionalism has proved to be invaluable resource to us as a organisation.

Many thanks to you personally and Creospace for your help to date, we look forward to a continuing our working relationship with you in the years ahead, and our next project!.

Kevin Marsh
The National Trade Register

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