Twitter Backgrounds Christmas Giveaway

With the Christmas season upon us and seeing as we're jolly nice people here at Creospace we thought we'd do a lovely Christmas give away this year.

What's up for grabs?

We're giving away 25 professionally designed twitter backgrounds to all the wonderful people that follow us. 1 for each day of the advent calendar

So what do I need to do?

All you need to do to be considered for a prize and get your twitter background is follow us and do us a tiny little favor and tweet a message to all your followers. There's some rules at the bottom of this page

Send the following tweet:

I'd like to win a professionally designed twitter background from the lovely people at . Info here http://bit.ly/6sIvhm #cgadv09

In addition the more you plug the competition using the #cgadv09 hashcode the more chances of winning you have!

Start by following us right now

Why are you giving them away?

Well why not? We believe that creating the right impression to visitors whether it be your website, twitter or other online activities is absolutely vital. So this is us helping out you to create that right impression. Kick off the twitter new year in style!

Got any examples of twitter backgrounds you've done?

The advent calendar

Twitter Background Giveway

How do you pick the winners?

A very complicated algorithm has been devised to pick a winner for each day based on many variables and I'm boring myself typing this.....

Any restrictions?

No not really as long as they fall within our usual code of conduct. With the backgrounds often less is more so it wouldn't be an overly complicated design.

Any rules?

Just a few rules for the giveaway:
  1. In order to win a background you must be one of our followers or start following us.
  2. The giveaway is open to any UK business or organisation that is using twitter. Sorry no personal pages (ok if you beg we might consider it).
  3. You must be an active tweeter (1 tweet that says 'hello this is my first tweet' is not considered active).
  4. You must of tweeted our entry message (found in the box above) at least once.
  5. The tweet message mustn't be modified in any way and must contain the #cgadv09 hash code so we can track entrants but after the initial tweet you can send your own tweets of course that plug the giveaway
  6. You will need to supply your logo, any specialist artwork and any photography that's needed to complete your design.
  7. We will supply the background to winners as a jpeg picture for you to upload to your twitter account, we can upload it for you but will need access to your twitter account.
  8. Our decision is final so no grief please!