The Cloud - Inventory Control Software

The Cloud - Inventory Control Software

This year small to medium sized businesses have been totally focused on The Cloud - a web based, or web hosted, inventory management service that can be used to run a professional online business if it has a need to retain stock or has a warehousing and distribution centre.

Software under the cloud is allowing online business a way of utilizing an online service which assist with recording customer sales orders, maintaining stock levels and adjusting upon order receipts, creating purchase orders and is capable of producing detailed reporting of income, inventory and customer data whilst being able to handle multi-users. 

We mentioned in our ?Software as a Service Introduction' that service under the cloud offers ecommerce business much more flexibility, and this is indeed true, and the software can often just sync, or integrate, with current business systems ( of course, this is not a guaranteed integration and should be discussed in more detail with your developer ). 

Frankly, software under the cloud is providing businesses with a fast way of running an online business in a professional manner, therefore offering business intelligence to smaller companies that would not perhaps have the budget, or want to spend thousands of pounds, to pay for a larger system that replaces an old one.

Other Names for The Cloud Software

It is easy to confuse the names for this software - even we use different names to cover this, you will see us use ?Software as a Service' or ?SaaS', however below are just a few names that you can find on the web relating to very similar applications:

Analytics as a Service

Performance on Demand

Intelligence on Demand

Platform as a Service

Cloud based data warehousing

The list goes on, however the applications themselves do vary slightly.  When researching for your software, a first port of call will be your developer who should be able to recommend the best pieces of software, explain the ease of integration into your existing business and of course can suggest ways of introducing it.

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