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PHP KashFlow Developers!
If, like us, you hate repetition, strive for elegance (but don't always achieve it as well as you would hope), and want to get things done as quickly as humanly possible without all the donkey-work, then you've come to the right place!

At Creospace we don't like repeating ourselves so when one of our projects demands integration with a third party, we like to look at it and create a class/integration kit for those third party systems to make our life easier!

Seeing that were a generous lot we decided it may be worth while to extend our KashFlow PHP class out to new people, and perhaps with your feedback make it even better. This means you can work with ease and start building PHP applications for the wonderful KashFlow online accountancy software

Business Owners
We are proficient in integrating online websites and applications to KashFlow via the API (application programming interface). If you are looking for a programmer to complete the integration work then you can commission us to integrate your business processes. For example you could:

  • Have your ecommerce site automatically record sales
  • Provide a customer portal on your own site
  • Integrate with other applications that you use
  • We can program bespoke business administration systems that you can use to streamline your operation, more info here
  • For more information about KashFlow and the API please visit www.KashFlow.com
  • If you already have a programmer then point them to this page so that they can integrate your online application with ease (for websites developed in PHP).

Download the Class
So, we offer 2 versions of the class that you can download from us. There's a 'lite' version that comes with code to just hook up to the InsertCustomer and InsertInvoice methods of the API and then there's the full class that facilitates the hook up of all current API methods

The full class can be purchased for £50.00 + VAT and will be sent to you once we have confirmation of payment from Paypal payment processor, to purchase then click the button below.

In any case our KashFlow classes come with the following:

  • The KashFlow class is documented with an easy to read PDF How-to guide.
  • The KashFlow class is commented and marked up with PHP Doc notation.
  • We'll listen to your feedback on how to improve or make the class better
  • We'll do our best to keep you updated on bug fixes and new versions.
  • We're only an email away if you have problems, you aren't just buying a lump of code, we'll try and help you with any issue you are having with our code (full paid for version only).

Free Version
  • InsertCustomer
  • InsertInvoice
  • No Support

Download Free KashFlow API PHP class
Free Version
  • All methods included
  • Full email support
  • Licensed per application £50 + VAT
  • Multi app license available (POA)
  • Pay using PayPal or Credit/debit card

  • Please allow 24 hours for electronic delivery of the full class once paid
  • Our KashFlow class is licenced and the full licence can be read here
  • For other licensing requirements please get in touch. We encourage the development of add ins/modules that support KashFlow
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