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Web Based Order Management and Stock Control Systems

More and more ecommerce websites – online shopping sites – are using new integrated software to fully manage all areas of their business.  Web based order management systems are fast becoming the best time saving methods to use and businesses are now finding out much more about dealing efficiently with their online business using integrated software that is both efficient and money-saving.

As well as web based sales software that not only manages customer orders but also converts into an ingenious marketing tool (email, invoicing, sms), businesses are opting to merge new stock control and order management software into their current technology, making for a powerful tool that both helps the business and assists the employees working it.

The order and stock control systems now promoted through ecommerce developers uses web based applications in order that multiple users have access.  In place of the older ASP versions which were hosted on third party servers, web based stock and order management software is hugely flexible and allows those users to access via their own desktop pc.

Some good features of this kind of system are:

  • The ability to manage multiple orders placed on a website at the same time
  • Options to create picking lists, invoicing slips and split orders that can’t be completely fulfilled at one time
  • Orders can be edited once they have been placed – a great way if a customer contacts you after a purchase
  • Billing methods can be updated and copy orders can be created easily for repeat customers
  • Email and text marketing campaigns can be created straight from the software
  • Invoices can be designed and branded and sent to the customer by email, instantly

In straight forward terms, web based order management systems are professional applications that can be used in one of the most important aspects of your business and can be personally branded to suit the business.  They can be adapted to suit too, allowing natural and organic growth and development of online business.

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