The website design process

Our method varies from client to client depending on the clients needs and of course different clients require differing amounts of communication. Essentially the process is as follows:


1. Contact

Of course the first step is to simply get in touch. Our contact details can be found on our contact page. You can email, phone or fill in the call back form and we'll gladly call you back. Either way we like to have a chat on the phone first.

2. Project Planner

Normally the first thing we do is send out our project planner form. This is a 2 page document which asks a series of questions about you, your business or organisation and the project itself. This gives us important starting point for the project. Often you may have a brief or specification at this point which is great but many don't.

3. Meeting

Meeting up is really important. 9/10 times we come to you or meet somewhere neutral. This is a great opportunity to talk over the project and for us to get to know you and vice versa and of course make sure we can work together.

4. Proposal

Once we've met we get to work on formulating a proposal and quotation for the project that we've been discussing. Often there maybe more emails, phone calls and maybe meetings before we get to this stage. We'll have to go crunch some numbers, do some research and drink lots of coffee! Our proposals are quite indepth and we'll tell you everything you need to know about the project and its requirements, our approach, recommendations and pricing etc.

5. Instruction

When you're ready to go then all you need to do is let us know and we'll get you to sign a purchase order outlining what we'll deliver and when and pay your deposit. We'll then book you in and confirm the dates and start working on the project. As we're normally booked up in advance paying a deposit secures your slot in our work schedule.

6. Content Strategy

Once appointed we propose to layout the exact content architecture of the website this will allow us to do things like Consider the user types and their journey through the site. Define core areas and name them appropriately, develop a precise map/list of all pages, plan how visitors/users reach the defined goals and discuss precise imagery requirements to comply with any brand guidelines you may have.

8. Design

Now we move on to the 'pretty stuff'. Getting the content strategy done first is vital so that the design encompasses all the requirements. Here Colin will be liaising with you together with Gary to get the design nailed.

9. Build & development

Once the design templates are signed off we can then move on to cutting them and turning them into a working website. Because we already have your content strategy in place there's no waiting for copy and we can get on with laying the site out and developing the more technical functions and features of the site.

10. Delivery

We develop the site in our sandbox testing area which you can view before it goes live. Once you're satisfied that the site is ready to go live you just need to pay the balance and let us know when it's to go live and we'll make it so. We'll quickly iron out any unexpected bugs and problems. We'll then send you a feedback form to ask some questions about our service and communications etc.

11. Ongoing support & Advice

We enjoy the mutual benefits of a healthy ongoing relationship with our clients and so our focus is always towards that end. We would much prefer to enter into a project with a long-term relationship than a short-term gain.

So What's next?

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