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Announcing Creospace Kashflow API Class for PHP5

kashflowclassWe are very pleased to announce a new product (and new product category) to our line-up.

We are today announcing a complete Kashflow API class for PHP5. We love Kashflow so much we’ve connected our internal admin systems to it. When we did that we wrote a class that acts as a middle man between our back end systems and KF.

We thought we were on to a winner, so have decided to finish it up all nice with some PHPDoc, some further documentation with examples, plus a support commitment, and let others use it too.

We have two versions. The first is a free “lite” version which just allows InsertCustomer and InsertInvoice, and a complete version which contains all the methods currently available in the API.

It has a number of benefits over using a generic SOAP library such as NuSoap:

  • It is one single file with no library dependencies such as NuSoap or PEAR etc, all you need is PHP5, SimpleXML and cURL which covers most hosting environments, one include and you are away.
  • If you have a PHPDoc aware development environment (such as the outstandingly awesome Komodo Edit) it will pick up the tags and display code hints for the Kashflow Methods.
  • Likewise for arguments and field names.
  • We are just an email away if you have problems (full paid version only) or feedback you want to give us.

I’m sure you’re thinking “oh thats all well and good, but how easy is it to use?”, well we reckon pretty easy!

So enough talking, lets see some code!

This quick example will get a Customer by their ID and return their Telephone number:

   $kf=new KashFlow("myusername","mypassword");

One line and pretty easy eh? Obviously you don’t have to get just one field at a time (although the chaining is nice), you can do the following:


GetCustomer is only available in the full version, but the lite version is straight forward for the methods (InsertCustomer and InsertInvoice) it implements.

The full version will set you back £50 for your whole application (contact us if you require different licensing terms).

Please see here for further details.

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