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Functional ecommerce websites

Recognising the importance of having a functional ecommerce website that works is important and choosing the right product for your site is imperative to gaining and retaining the right shoppers.

The trend in ecommerce and online trading is becoming fast apparent in the UK, with even the likes of the building and packaging trades jumping on the bandwagon – not something to be sniffed at then?  Well, the answer is no – listen to the news today about how UK shoppers aren’t spending as much money on the high street anymore – they’re still spending it, and it’s becoming obvious where despite the negatives surrounding the credit crunch.

Bespoke or Basic Ecommerce?
Any website should have a great search feature, itself containing good features like individual product search, filters and even stock recording and administration – so your shopper can find the product they want and you can grow your customer base, as well as maintain records and stocks easily.

Ideally, bespoke ecommerce websites built specifically for your business or sector often work better than basic ecommerce software, but everyone understands budget limitations so seeking the best within your range is important so whilst this decision is yours, try not to make too light of it and ensure it works for your UK business.

Being in the fortunate position of your sector and improving sales, not being static, is difficult right now, but the basics of ecommerce and current trends are an important factor in the success of your website.

And, whilst ecommerce and complex features are all very appealing, they should be considered equally along with the design of your site.  Both hugely important factors in building a successful site that tempts the shoppers in – read our previous article on ecommerce website trends for more info.

The result?  A functional ecommerce website that works for you and your business.

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