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Which page loses most visitors? Website Analytics.

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Website analytics So you’ve got your website and with all the confidence that it will be a great success you’re sat there waiting for the phone to ring red hot, or for the email orders to pile in and…… nothing!

When you open a new shop on the high street you have the benefit of being able to see who browses in the window, see if them come in, what they look at, what they spend time on and what they say even but with a website you can’t get all this vital feedback. You don’t know if they move past the home page or what page it is that brings them to your website in the first place.

Well fortunately you don’t have to be left in the dark. There is a way to get this vital info and to analyse it and get that feedback you need. Of course you can’t see the visitors’ faces nor gauge their body language and what they say but you can see how they get to your website and what they do when they get there.

Google analytics is a fantastic tool that allows you to see important and informative statistical data about the people that come to your website. Features include (but not limited to):

  • Track how people found you including keywords and referring websites
  • See which pages are attracting visitors (landing pages) and which are turning them away (exit pages)
  • See information about the visitors themselves like geographical location, browser info, screen resolution and more
  • See visitor loyalty, returning visitors, how long they spend on each page
  • Make reports, set date ranges, set up goals

Here’s the great thing about it, it’s 100% free. You just have to add some code to every page of your website and Google Analytics does the rest. Of course this is maybe easier said than done but your website developer should be able to do this for you for a small charge.

So here’s what you need to do to start seeing where problems may lie:

  1. Get a Google Analytics account
  2. Get the code installed on your website
  3. Learn to read the data and understand where problems may lie (a subject on its own)
  4. Most importantly – act upon your findings!

More information about Google Analytics can be found here on the

What are your thoughts on this? We love to interact with our readers so please leave a comment.

What am I (or we) passionate about?

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

defaultimgI’m not a fan of self help books and I say that as someone who has read many in the past but as a rarity I picked up a copy of Gary Vaynerchuck’s ‘Crush It’ a while back and started to read it the other night. After only a few pages I realised that passion was at the heart of matter when it came to running and developing a successful business. Without passion the whole thing was dead in the water.

PASSION: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.

I thought it would be a good idea to be open with my passions about our business, it’s what has driven me to this point and what will continue to drive me onwards as well as shaping the business (both to this point and onwards). My hope is that those reading can understand more about us as a business and me as a business owner.. Too much transparency some might say, no problem but we’re not a closed door company. Knowing us is as important, if not more so than knowing what we do.

These are in no particular order and my passions are our passions:

I’m passionate about giving callers, prospects and clients the best possible service I can. My whole career, in one respect or another, has been customer service orientated. I hate it when I myself receive bad service and do wonder how some companies keep (perhaps they don’t) long term clients. We’re not superheroes at Creospace, we get it wrong sometimes but we’ll take ownership and put it right and I think that sets us apart from many of our competitors.

I’m passionate about delivering solutions to clients that are beneficial. The reason I started Creospace over 7 years ago is because I saw web design outfits delivering websites for the sake of it, earning a fast buck as they say. They actually do more harm than good. Every line of code we write is with the needs and success of our clients in mind. They are parting with money that they’ve worked hard to raise and they entrust it with us to deliver the solution that they need.

I’m passionate about giving great advice. Not all who I meet become our clients but all are entitled to informed and accurate advice. We spend ages learning the latest techniques, code, practices, standards, trends, fashions, methods (a passion in itself) the list is endless but we have to be on top of it all in order to be able to advise people with accuracy and truth. We get calls where people have been referred to us just for advice, a 5 minute phone call to point someone in the right direction isn’t an interruption, it’s a) the fruit of many years hard work and b) a privilege!

I’m passionate about people. Yes people are what it’s all about. We talk to, email, tweet, interact on-line and of course meet face to face with people. We form relationships and interact with people every day. I love meeting people and listening to them getting to know their stories. Learning how we can help them and knowing when we can’t of course.

I’m passionate about ridding the profession of bad work. I know it’s an ideal but it drives me mad when I see bad design, shoddy code, terrible and ineffective workmanship. Some in this profession are without doubt preying on the uneducated, paying lip service to those who know no different. We surround ourselves with peers who are passionate about the same subject and we have healthy mutual respect for each other and they share the same values as us.

I’m passionate about working with great people. I know we can’t be great at everything but for the most effective results you need a combination of services to work together. I can’t have our brand damaged by hiring bad people or recomending our clients take advice from other companies that wont deliver the same high standards that we do ourself ( I’m 110% confident we work with such people).

I’m passionate about our brand and all it stands for. The Creospace brand is built on the passions we have for service, quality and people. We’ve been privileged to work with (note not ‘for’ but with) some wonderful clients over the years. Over 90% of our work comes from word of mouth referrals, if Google search fell apart tomorrow it wouldn’t affect us in the slightest. However if our brand fell apart, our standards slip and our clients become unhappy we’ve lost the lot!

What are your passions? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

World Class creativity is ‘Normal for Norfolk’ claims county

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

worldclassIt’s been the butt of comedians’ jokes for many a year – but now the rural county of Norfolk is fighting back with a bold campaign to champion itself as a world class business destination – with particular focus on the creative industries.

A seven month campaign (launched on Monday 7 September) will use television commercials, video and on-line activity, including social media, to turn the old stereotype ‘Normal for Norfolk’ – a phrase formerly used to denigrate the county and its habitants – on its head. The phrase will be used as branding in the major campaign to position the county as a world class place to work, and to show the world what really is normal for Norfolk – which is world class businesses and a fantastic work/life balance.

The campaign will highlight Norfolk as a major centre for the creative industries. The BBC and ITV bases in the county have helped spawn spin-off production, animation and digital creation companies, plus a wealth of advertising, marketing and design agencies. Up and coming creative talent is nurtured at the University of East Anglia – home to the world renowned Creative Writing course – and at the University College of Arts. The Norfolk and Norwich Festival hosted over 1,000 artists this year and EPIC, one of the most advanced high definition broadcast production facilities in Europe, and is recognised as a centre for the development of new formats, services and digital communications technologies.

World Class: Normal for Norfolk aims to ensure Norfolk is at the forefront of the minds of UK business leaders as they seek to reinvest in the wake of recession, and to help bring 5,000 high value jobs into the county.

More information about the campaign and the World Class creativity in Norfolk can be found at

Creospace crosses the Border

Friday, May 15th, 2009

We are very pleased to announce a further expansion and the appointment of Colin Gray to the board of Creospace limited. This is coupled with the opening of a new office in Dundee which will allow for further expansion of our business over the coming years.

Colin joins Creospace limited as Creative Director having successfully run Pixels Ink graphic design agency in Dundee for nearly 3 years. Creospace will continue to use the Pixels ink brand in Dundee building on its reputation for excellence and client care.

The clients of both businesses will be able to benefit from a wider range of services including high end website design and development, logos and brand identity, print design, and much more.

"Having worked with Colin for nearly 3 years now it was clear that both our businesses are perfectly aligned for working together. We share a common tradition of excellence. Our wide ranging skills and unrivalled service enable us to deliver a clear benefit to both new and existing clients. The opportunities are very exciting and this development is an important expansion for Creospace.” said Gary Dickenson, managing director of Creospace limited.

Gary continues … “With our already excellent reputations for quality and value in the marketplace together with the blend of expertise we can now be relied on as a leading one-stop-shop, but at the same time maintain our existing reputations as niche experts.”

Colin Gray, founder of Pixels Ink said "The opportunity to expand the existing Dundee operation by joining Gary and the Creospace team makes perfect sense. We are now much better positioned to be able to provide the best solution to each and every client a core philosophy of Pixels Ink. The new creative challenges and the opportunities to expand are tremendous.”

Creospace incorporating PixelsInk

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