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Creospace's regional based search engine results

Monday, May 12th, 2008

People often ask ‘Well if they are so good at getting people high in the search engines why aren’t they high up themselves’ and that of course is a very good question. After all proof of the pudding is in the eating isn’t it?

Since our new site launch back in February we have been using our own expertise to make sure our own site gets good results for the keywords that we think will get us the right sort of business we want. That is both regional and national work for the services that we offer.

Of course to get prime keywords such as ‘web design’ , graphic design’ etc up on page one for a national search we are in for the long haul and it’s simply not reasonable to expect results in such a short time. Besides through our networking and existing client base we already get recommendations from across the country for our web design service and more, in fact we even have clients around the world. What we don’t have are many clients in our own county of Norfolk.

So what we have done is concentrated our SEO efforts on a regional basis for Norfolk. Regional results can be often overlooked and can be a very lucrative source of business form search engines so never forget to get optimised for your region if it’s appropriate to do so.

Ok so as it stands today here’s where we stand in google and where we were before.

Norfolk Web design

Before:Page 2 17th – Now: Page 1 3rd

Norfolk copywriting

Before: Nowhere – Now:Page 1 1st (uk search page 1 4th)

Norfolk PR

Before: nowhere – Now: Page 1 5th ; Bear in mind this is not our main business.

Norfolk Admin

Before: nowhere – Now Page 1 3rd; This is for our adminstration systems.

Norfolk SEO

Before nowhere – Now page 1 3rd

So as you can see our hard work and expertise is paying off and getting good results. We’re continue to monitor and improve some others we’re working on as well. Over time we’re sure that those reults will improve as it does take time and patience to get good seo results.

If you are interested in improving your search engine placings for regional results then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.

NB: Google positions may vary from day to day

New search engine puts bad design to shame

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

How many times have you searched for something on the internet only to click away as soon as you choose a result because the site is awful, has eye burning colours or worse, displays unsavoury content?

Modern search engines up till now have only given the user the chance to read text about the website they are about to click on and actually have no idea of what will be presented to them when they visit the site.

Well all this might change in the not too distant future as a new type of search engine has been launched that allows the user to preview a screen shot of the website representing the search results that the user requested. is currently running a trial of it’s new visual based search engine and very nicely presents the screen shots for you to flick through much like pages in a book but you can still see the text results as well if you wish.

search me screen print

search me screen print

In addition they are having a good go at getting categories working so if you search for ‘cat’ for instance they will then show categories of searches relevant to cats i.e. catfish, cat food, cat products etc. It’s only working for US based searches at the moment but it’s sure to come to the uK in no time at all.

So with this in mind where does it leave websites that are less than appealing to the discerning customer? Well it doesn’t look good if we’re honest. This is of course only touching on the subject of visual searching but if things go this way which they no doubt will then there’s never been a better time to make sure your website looks really professional and doesn’t scare people away because you wont get a second chance to make a first impression.

for more information then try