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Getting the most out of your website Pt3 – Post launch


As businesses start to struggle due to the recession, they must ask themselves “Am I getting the most out of my website, is my website really working for me or against me?”

In this 3rd part of the article we’ll aim to give you some advice on how to get your website working for you post launch.

When your website has been created then the simple rule is actively use it. Simple things, such as regularly updating blog or news content, ensuring links are relevant and working and using good quality images will make for a more positive and capturing user experience.

Regularly updating a site with relevant content may also boost your website’s search engine rankings. Sometimes looking after a website is a burden and so It may be worth hiring a specific company to manage your website if it is considered a key part of the business. This is something we can help you with, just ask.

Once you’re site is live you need to get people to it. Don’t rely on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to paper over the cracks. Optimisation is an important consideration when planning the structure and design of your website. It shouldn’t be used as a shortcut to improve a site’s ranking if it hasn’t been built well or is being used incorrectly. Also, you may well be paying out a great deal of cash for very little return and some SEO techniques employed could result in your site being blacklisted by the search engines.

As the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold. Promises of guaranteed positions are worthless and false.  Remember also offline activity such as PR and advertising can drive traffic to your website, but the strategy must be co-ordinated accordingly.

As technology changes rapidly, an old site with poor functionality may dissuade users from paying you a visit. Therefore, you may need to accept the fact that you should update your original site to maintain the levels of interaction.

So back to square one, well not quite but find a good web design company in the first place and you won’t go far wrong. You will have a great website and one that really works hard and pays for itself in no time at all.

Of course if you want to talk to us about your requirements for your online marketing then we’d love to hear from you, contact us now.

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