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Business Stationery and Projecting Good Business Image

logosandbrandProjecting your business image in the right manner is imperative, not only does it show just what a professional business you are but also gives people easy access to your business information provided you get it right. This aspect of your business may well be the last thing that you think about. It’s importance is the same as any other aspect of your business because it provides people with a visual of your business because it showcases your company message or philosophy and also the business logo which gives people the idea of how your business works and its personality as well as allowing you to influence people into how they view your business.

One thing that you must not forget when designing your business stationery is that there are legal requirements relating to what information you add, see the quick list below for the information that must be included on your letterhead – the first two may or may not be applicable to you:

Company VAT number (if used for invoices)
Company registration number (if Limited company)
Registered office address (if Limited company)
Name of business or your name (if you are a sole trader)

Additionally consider the following:
Business address
Telephone numbers (including home numbers if applicable, this depends on how your company works)
Fax numbers
Email address

What to get printed?
Choosing exactly which type of stationery you are going to have depends on the nature of your business. However you may choose from the following to include your details on:

Business cards
Compliment slips
Invoices / Credit notes
Remittance advice
Marketing materials

Simply all of the stationery you use in day to day business, the list is certainly not endless and in the longer term as your business expands you may also choose to print your message on additional items like envelopes and postcards though keeping the costs down at an early stage in business is recommended!

What about printing?
Selecting a printer may be easier than you think. The designer that helped you finalise your company logo and branding may point you in the right direction or indeed maybe able to print off your stationery in-house, which will save you time searching for a reputable printer. An advantage to using your logo designer is that they can co-ordinate files and provide you with great advice on what information to include, fonts to use and of course font sizing.

Think rather carefully about quantities that you may find yourself using, and of course obtain proofs of every copy of your stationery before it is printed to go over any errors – mistakes on either side are costly and can easily be avoided. Finally, do remember to order your stationery before you use up the last pieces as it can really halt proceedings if you run out!

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