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Corporate Identity – Communicating Confidence through Competitive Branding

logosandbrandOne thing that will truly help your business is building a corporate identity and competitive branding which will work hand in hand to get you recognised and build trust with your prospective clients. Managing and planning your business branding will effectively help your small business attract repeat business and new clients and so improving the success of your marketing projects.

The thing about business branding is its total overall effect through visual means, company philosophy and brand values. Your branding is significant and will have impact on how your target clientèle view your business and how you conduct your business and carry out your branding can gain you trustworthiness among potential customers.

Branding is not only about a logo but about how your business is perceived as a whole package so you need to think about how your company is presented. Your corporate identity is slightly different but equally as important as branding and should come before you think about logo and visual id, it is more about how your small business is made up and the decisions that your business makes. Defining corporate identity is the first step of building your brand and should be based on the nature and personality of your business.

You need to manage your branding perfectly and the first thing that you should consider is to work on a competitive branding project to eventually build it around your company and the way it works. You should aim at creating a brand that promises your clients something, delivers that something and gives them reason to trust you. Communicating confidence through your branding tells them you will deliver what you promise.

Branding your business can help aim your business toward the right type of client so when you think about how to market your business and whom you are targeting this should become the way that you attract the right type of person to your business. Ensure that your branding and your logo are clear and give a concise message and you will encourage people to come to you, also bringing with them loyalty or repeat business making it successful even in the current gloomy times.

Once you have decided on a brand, add your logo designs and company message to all your stationery and make sure you get a price from your designer for the whole package – not only simple logo design as its important to co-ordinate your branding project well and they most likely can help with the whole implementation project. It’s also important to reflect this branding on everything you do including your website, being consistent with your branding shows customers that you are proud and happy to display your name and logo everywhere, even adding it as a signature on all of your emails.

Ensure that the company you choose to design your professional branding and logo will supply you with a number of designs after the first brief so that you make the final decision. They also should quote you for adding your new brand to stationery and website and most will issue you with the option to setup a new website and can register and host everything for you too, so long as it’s competitive then there is no real reason not to take them up on this type of offer.

Looking like you are serious about business and that you have confidence in yourself will help reap rewards. Fail at this first hurdle and you could damage your chances of taking your business through the recession in one piece!

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