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An introduction to Blogging PT1

bloggingThere are tons of reasons that blogging is taken up by business owners, and there are just as many blogging subjects as there are reasons to do it. Traditionally, online communities were built to bring people together, so each community would usually feature a different subject, such examples might be talking small business strategies or coming together to discuss interests in finance.

The first weblog was penned around 1994 and the shorter version of the word ‘blog’ was later used as the technology improved. Later, it was able to support basic images and now design firms build blogs into websites of owners that want to move on or expand the business from their basic shop or info site to something much bigger.

Blogs get people involved.
Online discussion groups absolutely thrive nowadays; you could find a blog about any kind of subject or interest, so just how does blogging affect your business? We wrote this to bring you some info and to clear up some grey areas concerned with blogging.

So, not everyone likes the idea. Blogging is often seen as a fairly informal way to build online communities, to create an interest with like minded people. It’s also a way to announce to people exactly what might be going on within your business, how it is progressing and expanding perhaps.

How does it work?
A blog uses a simple user interface so that anyone can easily update it. You can add and amend articles and format them as you please with rich text functionality so you can bold and underline text. Adding images is easy too.

What’s really exciting and important about blogs is that they are open for comment which can keep a blog looking lively and up to date. This means you as the blog owner can engage with those who leave comments. You remain in control as you can edit and delete the comments as appropriate.

In the next part we’ll look at what to blog about in more detail giving you some ideas.

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