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Get to Know Your Target Audience

Realising who your target audience is hugely important if your blog is to be successful.

Ask yourself who you want to read your blog posts – are they customers, local businesses etc?

Writing blogs with an audience in mind helps to refine your writing and reach out to them. If you are simply writing to attract anyone who finds your blog in a search engine, it could simply be a stab in the dark and may prove unsuccessful.

What do your audience want? What do they need?
If you’re writing a blog, it should be about giving them something. Are you skilled in a certain area that you can help them with? If they’re coming to you for advice, then they aren’t quite as skilled as you, so your knowledge can offer them a reason to keep coming back.

Writing Manner
If you are writing a technical blog, are you offering professional details and ‘how to’s’ or are you open to injecting humour into your blog? You should decide this based on your audience – they may not appreciate the humour or you might prefer to write in a more formal way because that’s what your readers want.

Length of Post
What will your readers like? A difficult one because people like both long and short posts, some posts of around 200 words could be punchy and offer just a couple of bits of information to keep your readers reading. Don’t leave it too static, change the length of your posts every so often and after posting a few, check how successful each one is.

Who ever is reading your blog make sure you keep paragraphs short so that people will read them and not skim the post.

Invite reader engagement
At the end of the post don’t forget to Invite comments from readers. most readers have opinions but often they wont leave them unless prompted to do so.

So as above, if you have a comment about this post please do leave it below.

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