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Why great photography is important for your website

We have invited Norfolk based photographer Tony Buckingham to tell us a little about himself and why he thinks great photography on a website is very important

With a background in national newspaper  features photography I know the power of a good photograph to catch a readers attention the more dramatic and eye-catching the better.

Location and product photography on a website needs to do the same thing , you want to catch the ‘surfers' attention. The more professional the photography and design infers a more considered approach overall , an attention to detail and level of professionalism throughout the company or service .

Every product ,however seemingly mundane, can be made to ‘sparkle' the more mundane the more it needs help , shot on a creased white bed sheet isn't going to impress anyone..

Memorable photography gives you a memorable website!

I have worked freelance as a photographer for 14 years for national newspapers and magazines  after having originally being given a break whilst working in the darkroom (remember those!) at The Independent. And since then I have dealt with most types of press and magazine photography , portraits,interiors , restaurants,product shots , fashion and even news at a push.

Originally living in London, I now work in Norfolk  for the space , light and to give my children some freedom.


Thanks Tony.

Tony has recently undertaken all the product photography for one of our clients, Intelligas and when you look at the site you can see how the products really stand out give a professional impression to visitors and potential customers.

For more information about Tony's work then you can view his website here or contact us to speak further about the importance of photography as part of a web site project.

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